Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Server End Game Plan

I am getting close to being finished setting up everything with the server and I have attempted to document most of the more interesting things that happened. My plan is to edit and touch the existing posts up a bit (e.g. I have replaced the Dell with a newer "hand-me-down"), as well as add a final one.

UPDATE: Not being a writer, or playing one on tv, putting all this together is taking longer than I thought it would. Not to worry though, it shall be completed!
It has also dawned on me that this server is completely ran by Linux. Having not spent much time with any Windows servers besides a class on 2003, I am unsure if that is more that Linux is overall better (perhaps, or maybe more so for developers, but I have no interest in the "religious" part of operating systems) or if it is just that free is so much more appealing than the pricey Windows server OS's when being on a low budget.

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