Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home Server Part 5

Once again I scourged the internet for an operating system, this time for a server instead of just a desktop. After once again glimpsing at the Windows Server editions, I decided that the $240 minimum (Server 2003) was not very practical just for software.

I think it's worth noting that even though I generally prefer Open Source Software for several reasons, I have no real problem with Windows or Mac. It simply did not seem practical.

So I looked at a couple of the more popular Linux flavor options:

  • Ubuntu Server
  • Fedora
  • SUSE
After looking at them I figured it would be the simplest to try Ubuntu Server (8.04) since I was already running Ubuntu.

I also bought a Linksys 5-port switch ($15) to connect to the router I have upstairs along with two 10ft and one 50ft cat-6 cables.

My running total is - $66

Monday, June 22, 2009

Home Server Part 4

So now I had everything I needed to have one whole computer, now I just needed a place to put it. Luckily, I soon found that place.
I got a medium size cave like corner of the basement to use, and started setting up shop. It didn't take me long to realize the 2x4 table that I was using was not going to cut it. In the end I bit the bullet and bought a six feet table ($30) and an all steel chair ($8). After I had those things I got everything set up.

Once I had everything up and running I finally started thinking about making the computer into a little home server, and began searching for an OS again.

Home Server Part 2 & 3

The next part of this project was to get a monitor. I started doing a little searching around (offline and on) and the best deal I could find was on Newegg for about $130, which I did not want to spend that much.
Luckily though, after asking around, I found out that my nice girlfriend had an extra monitor that was just sitting in her garage. :)
So I took that off of her hands and saved myself from not being so frugal.

After that I had to decide on the operating system. Now keeping in mind that I had a computer that was not quite on the cutting edge, I looked at my options. In the end I decided to go with Ubuntu (Linux) 8.04. It's free, and free is almost always good. Also I didn't mind the slight learning curve.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home Server Part 1

Alright, so I started this project with:
  • One computer tower (Gateway)
  • A mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Almost no money
  • No place to put it besides the corner of my bedroom
  • And a dream

That being said, It is worth noting that I was not sure about what I was going to do with 3/4ths of a computer, the idea to make it into a server came later in the journey.

Computer Specs:

  • Gateway GP7-500
  • Pentium III (gotta love it) :)
  • 320 MB RAM
  • 10 GB Hard Drive
  • OS Windows 98SE

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Low Budget Home Server Plan

I'm currently setting up a server to do various jobs in my basement. I will get around to explaining the set up as I work on it and will be pointing out the problems that I face.

Also, I will most likely be breaking it up into parts to make it easier to follow as well as to read.

UPDATE: Since this is my first post I would also like to say that I will be using this space as a type of reference resource that will hopefully be helpful, organized, or at least semi-entertaining. I may also with time move some of the more useful posts into various forums that they fit into.
Lastly I am aware that I could use a better name for the blog. It is a work in progress, but I appreciate the constructive criticism :)